INEC Nationwide Continuous Voter Registration Exercise



Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) is an exercise meant for the registration of citizens who turned 18 years of age after the last registration exercise; or those who for one reason or another could not register in the previous exercises.

The CVR exercise commenced on Thursday, 27th April, 2017 at the INEC Local Government offices nationwide and remains continuous all year round.

CVR CENTRES: The Continuous Voter Registration shall be carried out in the Local Government offices or at such other locations within the Local Government as may be designated by the Commission. The list of such centres for the CVR Exercise shall be publicized in the Local Government Areas.

HOURS OF CVR: The Continuous Voter Registration exercise will take place at the INEC Local Government offices and designated centres between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm daily, Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays.

DISPLAY OF PRELIMINARY REGISTER OF VOTERS (PRV): The Preliminary Register of Voters (PRV) shall be displayed for public scrutiny at registration Centres at the end of every quarter before printing of PVCs. The Registration Area Officers (RAOs) will print the list of registered voters for the quarter and display same at the Registration Centres for 7 days.

The main activities for the Nationwide CVR are:

-Fresh Registration

-Transfer of Voters

-Distribution of Permanent Voters Card (PVCs)


To be Eligible for CVR, a person:

1) Must be a citizen of Nigeria.

2) Must have attained the age of 18 years, on or before the registration day.

3) Is above 18 years and could not register in any of the previous registration exercise.

4) Is resident, work or originate from the local government covered by the Registration Area Centre.

6) Not subject to any legal incapacity to vote under any law, rules or regulations in force in Nigeria.

7) Must present him/herself to the CVR officers for registration and is able to provide proof of identity, age and nationality, if requested;

8) Has registered before but his/her name/photograph/fingerprints were not captured; such a person must provide his/her Temporary Voters Card (TVC).

9) Has PVC or TVC but names not on Register of Voters.


The registration process is based on the following:

-CVR is done in person and not by proxy.

-Multiple registrations is not allowed.

-Registration is a pre-requisite for voting in elections.

-CVR must include as many eligible citizens as poosible and registration must be accessible by all citizens.

Temporary Voters Card (TVCs) will be issued to registrants at the point of registration, while the PVCs of those registered in Quarter 1 (Q1) should be ready for collection in Quarter 3 (Q3), and Quarter 2 (Q2) will be ready in Quarter 4 (Q4) etc.

The last week of each quarter will be for display, hearing the Claims and Objections and housekeeping (Data backup, Consolidation, Reporting etc).

The Preliminary Register of Voters (PRV) shall be displayed for scrutiny at Registration centres at the end of every quarter before printing of PVCs. INEC officals will print the list of registered voters for the quarter and display same at Registration Centres for 7 days. The Register shall be clearly marked Preliminary Register of Voters.


Every Nigerian has the right to live in any part of the Country. An important part of Voter Registration is that an eligible person is advised to register at the centre nearest to his/her residence. This is to make it easy for the voter to access the Polling Unit (PU) and vote on Election Day.

Meanwhile a person who has relocated to another place outside the unit in which he/she registered cannot vote in his/her new location unless he/she transfers his/her registration.