Edo Governorship Election postponed: Implications for the polity!!! –Ishola Adebayo

September 15, 2016

The decision to postpone the Edo State governorship election slated for last week is a clear indication that the police lack the desirable capacity in policing this country. The controversy generated is a clear testimony that the police and the other security agencies are part of election malpractices in the country.

It is no longer news that some senior security officials were retired or dismissed over the roles they played in the last general election. But it appears that the current administration has yet to learn to do things differently. A similar scenario played out during the botched senatorial rerun in Imo State, where the election was postponed in a controversial manner.

Obviously, we are no doubt reaping the tragedy of the decision by a former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.), who used insecurity to blackmail INEC into postponing the presidential election so that his party could gain an advantage. Dasuki became openly partisan. I find such an act extremely abominable.

If, indeed, Edo State was a target for an attack and the police and the DSS could not uncover that before the President visited, then we are in trouble. If the huge number of policemen and soldiers deployed could not secure the state, then Nigeria is in a serious problem.

The implication of this for our nascent democracy is that our security operatives are not trained to combat security challenges. They are not prepared to protect the country. We do not have a security apparatus that can be relied upon.

Beyond election, we must equip the Nigeria Police Force to be able to combat security threats. We are not serious about policing. How could we expect the governors to equip the police but dismiss state policing? In terms of the number of personnel and equipment, the NPF is not ready to protect the country.

We did not realize how poorly equipped the military was until Boko Haram emerged. We only realized that our arsenal was empty when Boko Haram started bombing the North. That is how terrible we are in terms of security. We must beef up our security in terms of armory and personnel.