Lagos Central Town Hall Meeting with Senator Oluremi Tinubu

June 20, 2014

The 11th Annual Lagos Central Town Hall Meeting was held on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage civic engagement and to report on the achievements and status of projects and programs enacted by Senator Tinubu. Unfortunately, the event was not as dynamic and open as most would have thought. Citing issues of having to meet a flight, it was said that Senator Tinubu would only be taking two questions from the public. One of the questions answered focused on the issue of the nearly 300 girls missing from Borno state and the inability of our government officials to facilitate their retrieval. Senator Tinubu began to answer the question from the angle of party politics, via her insinuation and blatant outcries against the current presidency and non APC members of the National Assembly. Enough is Enough Nigeria, CEO, Yemi Adamolekun, took the opportunity to stress the importance of cohesion in the nation to ensure the safety of all citizens and to bring back our girls as a response to Senator Tinubu's statements.

Several incidents occurred at the end of the event that were disheartening and further demonstrated the need for reform in the nation around the interaction of government officials and citizens. In what was a violent display of malfeasance, a colleague of Senator Tinubu was bombarded at the end of the event and money was eventually shared to "area" boys that proceeded to physically fight over how to share the money.

As we near election season, let us try to spread the vote that your vote and support for candidate is worth more than 500 naira. Let us actively push ourselves and engage our neighbors to realize that we all deserve good roads, access to quality education, ensured safety and security and better healthcare services. These are civil liberties and we should hold our government officials accountable.