#LagosWestTHM: Was Senator Yayi Really Engaged? – O.S.A. Aluko

March 18, 2016

March 17, 2016.

At 10:50am, Blue Roof Event Centre was filled with the echo “APC! APC! APC”!

Right about the same time, Senator Adeola (AKA Yayi), 50 minutes late, was squeezed in by black-vested bodyguards, as his employees (constituents) stood in ovation seeking to, if possible, look through the numerous geles.


Right after the national anthem was sung in a patriotic manner, ‘elderly’ constituents scrambled for the Senator’s publication in a manner younger men would find it hard to compete with.


And when it was time for the senator to deliver his report to his employers, the same time goody bags were being distributed, a good number of the constituents made sure to go for what was priority – scramble for goody bags!


Senator Solomon Adeola Olamilekan made sure to give recognition to Obas, Baales and Imams. More like in a bid to make up for allowing only a muslim opening prayer, he began to sing “I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided… “.

Eventually, the speech commenced after the prolonged session of recognition.

Firstly he explained that the Townhall Meeting was delayed due to the leadership tussle in the National Assembly. How? One may ask. But he did not bother to expatiate. Nevertheless, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that a member of the opposition party emerged as Vice Senate President.

According to Senator Yayi, over 50 resolutions and over 75 motions have been presented so far on the floor of the Senate. He went on to say “We have sufficient laws. Instead of making new laws, we aim to correct anomalies in them”.

As regards his personal achievement, he emphasized the successful petition for Sergeant Olaniyan who was unjustly removed from service in the Police Force many years ago.

I urge all of you with similar cases of administrative injustice to submit your petition to my office in Abuja or my constituency office in 32 Adeniyi Jones

– Senator Olamilekan

He continued by outlining his contribution to the Senate’s Legislative Agenda and his membership of committees. The Lagos West Senator is the Vice president of the Communications committee and a member of Finance, Science & Technology, Banking, Interior and Marine Committees in the Nigerian Senate.

Right after the Senator’s report, it was supposed to be time for ‘questions’ i.e. ENGAGEMENT.

On the contrary, constituents had other plans. Unbelievably, they crowded the stage and, in effect, disrupted proceedings.

Alas, Senator Yayi, after much pleading in vain, opted to move on to the handing over of transformers, sewing machines, vulcanizing machines, welding machines, tricycles, buses and scholarship cheques.

Even the Senator said “I am open to your suggestions”! The constituents missed a great opportunity to ask pertinent questions. How did he vote, on their behalf, in regards to the GEO Bill? As Vice Chairman of the Communications Committee, what is his stand on the Anti-Social Media Bill?

It appears Senator Yayi was honest when he said to the Obas:

I will always be there for you, always speak your mind, and always say those things that will make you happy on the floor of the Senate

But there wasn’t such a commitment to the true employers - the people. Who else will make voters in Lagos West Senatorial District happy?