MAVC: Global Innovation Competition

November 21, 2014

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Do you want a database of all Representatives, Senators & Governors and their contact information?

Do you want easy access to the bills your Representative or Senator is sitting on?

Do you want to engage more with your Representative or Senator?

Shine your eye can help with all of this and more.

Shine Your Eye or SYE is an initiative of Enough is Enough Nigeria (EiE). It’s an online platform and SMS-based app that aims to provide complete biographical and contact information for elected officials at all levels of government; tracks performance relative to campaign promises & ranks officials.

EiE hopes to incorporate elements of the US platform – POPVOX – which will increase SYE’s capacity to provide a database of information about bills introduced in the assembly, including official information from the government and position statements from stakeholders. Users would also be able to participate easily in petitions and polls (performance & policies).

SYE’s goal is to increase accountability in governance by making it easier for Nigerians to follow the activities of elected officials and connect with them.

The website is already live – but not fully functional and the team needs more financial resources to pay for staff and research.

Shine Your Eye has emerged as one of the 241 ideas approved for voting in the Global Innovation Challenge. Over 350 inspiring ideas were submitted from around the world and the top 50 ideas will make it into the next round.

SYE currently ranks110 and voting will continue until November 23.

You can vote Here