Nigerian Senators and the N5.5 Billion Official Cars: Matters Arising!

September 1, 2019

Few weeks back, news broke out that the Nigerian Senators are reportedly going to spend N5.5 billion to acquire Toyota Land Cruiser Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and by estimation, there are 109 senators in the red chambers and each of them will get N50 million each.

This has raised a lot of negative reactions among Nigerians. EiE, SERAP and BudgIT opened a public lawsuit against them for planning to waste public funds.

There was a news going around about alleged abuse of the Procurement and Monetization Acts where they were accused of selling that fairly used vehicles and property were sold at give-away prices to former lawmakers. The house reportedly sold the previous SUVs that was bought for between N24 million and N26 million each, to the departing lawmakers at a paltry N1 million.

There are a lot of things these public funds can be used to do rather than senators splashing it on cars for themselves. Some of the Senators are spending N50 million on a vehicle when their senatorial district lacks basic amenities. They forget the reasons why they were elected in the firsts place.

The public or the government needs to do something about this misappropriation of public funds. This case wasn’t the first, in 2012, there was severe public criticism also as about N1.3 billion was spent to procure vehicles for Senators. 109 vehicles were bought for the Senators at the time at the cost of N11.07 million each.

Like we said earlier, a public suit has been opened against them for trying to waste public funds.

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