Nominees’ Rejection of President Buhari's Ambassadorial Position: Matters Arising! –Ishola Adebayo

October 27, 2016

The ambassadorial nominee from Kastina state, Usman Bugaje, has turned down his appointment nomination by President Muhammadu Buhari. Dr Bugaje, an academic, rights campaigner, former member House of Representatives was also one of the gubernatorial aspirants in Katsina State.

Bugaje is the second nominee to reject the offer, after Pauline Tallen, a former deputy governor of Plateau state and associate of Aisha Buhari, wife of Nigeria’s president turned down the offer as well.

It could be recalled that President Buhari recently submitted a list of 46 non-career ambassadors designate for confirmation by the Senate.

While Pauline Tallen rejected her nomination on the grounds that there was no “proper consultation”, a decision she announced in public, Usman Bugaje prevailed upon by top government officials not to announce his rejection of the offer as reported in some section of the media.

The culture of placing a square peg in a round hole must stop in our nation’s polity. Non-consultation of nominees for appointment is a show of incompetence and arrogance on the part of those in charge of affairs now. You could accuse former President Goodluck Jonathan’s government of incompetence. Those steering the state ship now have added arrogance to it.

Even more disappointing is the way people are being allocated appointment without taking into perspective of what they can offer. Example is the way portfolios were allocated to ministers. They don’t even have the share of minds to know where people could fit in, they don’t consult but just go ahead to make announcement. It is very disappointing and Nigeria needs to be safe of this future embarrassment.