#PaddingMatters – Top Quotes

August 12, 2016

Dogara (August 6, 2016):

I studied law; I have been a legislator… I have never heard the word 'padding' being an offence under any law

I am not Chairman of Ethics of the House, so I wouldn't know (if Jibrin will be sanctioned)

Jibrin (August 7, 2016):

I have been consistent with the choice of the word 'insertions'

Even though the law allows it, I raised an observation that the insertions were being too much. The intention of the constitution is not for you to do senseless insertions

I know people will be asking me now, why didn't you raise it then? It's a difficult system and the institution is much more complex

I saw the number of insertions in 2011 (to 2015). In 2016, it went completely off the board

A couple of things need to add up to make it a crime

I wasn't part of the insertion

On 2 occasions, the Speaker directed that the appropriations secretariat be taken away from me

Psychologically, you are made to believe that when you are Chairman Finance... Chairman Appropriation, you are practically a custodian of secrets and there a lot of things you must not open up

Because we are talking of our own side does not mean there is no problem with the budget team or the budget office

Ado-Doguwa (August 8, 2016):

When you are alledged to have committed what you have not committed, why should I be worried?

When you expect a legislator to work on a bill, he has the constitutional (supreme) right to deal with that bill at any level... And at whatever level a legislator engages a budget (which is a bill...), he is doing nothing but his legitimate responsibility

Daniel Reyenieju (August 8, 2016):

There are certain criteria that make a Parliament very strong:

A Parliament must be responsive

A Parliament must be accessible

A Parliament must be representative

A Parliament must be accountable

And a Parliament will demand accountability from its executive

And a Parliament that is… in immorality can hardly demand accountability from its executive

The Parliament belongs to the PEOPLE, it does not belong to the executive, it does not belong to the Judiciary, it does not equally belong to the Speaker, it belongs to the PEOPLE

That it (padding) has always been there doesn't make it right. That is breaching the trust that is being entrusted to you by the Nigerian people