President Buhari's Cabinet and the Expectations from Nigerians! – Ishola Adebayo

May 17, 2019

Undoubtedly, President Muhammadu Buhari won the keenly contested re-election in part majorly on an anti-corruption ticket due to the strong steps taken against graft in the last four years, including the arrest and prosecution of notable and high-profile corrupt individuals. With the elections over, Nigerians now expect a remarkable change from the prospective cabinet and new government.

Clearly, Nigerians deserve better than they have had thus far. And their expectations were not unfounded. Rather, the expectations were as a result of the promises made by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) while the party, then in opposition, campaigned to dislodge the then ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) going into the 2015 and 2019 general elections respectively.

Even with the less than impressive overall performance of the government as critics of the administration continue to insist, that more Nigerians elected to entrust their votes with the government, signaled a conviction and hope for a better performance given a second term in office.

A good number of Nigerians that toed this line argued that four years was not enough to appropriately judge the work of the administration while other were swayed by the need for the government to be given time to complete some of the ongoing infrastructural projects and programmes it initiated.

And now that the mandate has been renewed, the onus is now on President Buhari to rebuild the faith of Nigerians in the Nigeria project by running a dynamic and successful administration. Expectations in many quarters include the urgent need to strengthen state institutions that will midwife the new Nigeria that many have always wished for.

Given the many crises, some of which were avoidable, that characterised the administration, Nigerians now expect that the Buhari government would have taken appropriate lessons from the experiences of the last four years and hit the ground running this time around.

What obtained in 2015, when it took the president over six months to constitute a cabinet will not be permissible this time around.

Nigerians will be immensely disappointed if the President takes another six months to come up with his cabinet and those who make the cut, in Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s speak are ‘the same old politicians wey scatter Nigeria before’ .

With a renewed vigor, Buhari's cabinet will need to be more proactive to deal with pertinent issues including the ongoing killings, kidnaps and threat of militant group and bandits particularly in the north and now spreading to other parts of the country.

Still on security, Nigerians will expect marked improvement in internal security. President Buhari must put an end to the incessant clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers which has resulted in hundreds of deaths particularly, in the North-central geo-political zone of the country. This, of course, will require that the inter-agency rivalry between the nation’s security agencies becomes a thing of the past.

It is no doubt, worth reiterating that fate has favoured President Buhari with another chance to make good with Nigerians, rebuild the economy, strengthen state institutions and unify Nigeria behind the one Nigeria philosophy of the nation’s founding fathers, for the good of himself and all Nigerians.